You Need A Responsive Website Design

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013


Responsive websites automatically change to look great on any size screen. Today, more than a quarter of your traffic comes from smart phones and tablets. If you want your website to remain relevant in this new internet environment, you need to make sure your design works on all of today’s devices, and those yet to come.Don’t you hate having to use a website from your smart phone? The text and pictures are so small and you spend too much time panning and zooming in and out, all the while trying not to accidentally click anything because then you have to start all over. That’s because the site you’re using doesn’t have a responsive design.

PM Consulting creates websites that incorporate responsive design. Responsive design is additional code that dynamically adjusts the website as the screen size changes. Want to see how it works? If you’re using a computer, try resizing your browser window while you’re viewing this post. Everything will adapt as the size shrinks.  The menu will change orientation; images will automatically re-size and reposition and all of the content will remain readable and accessible, regardless of screen size.