Why WordPress?

Posted by on Mar 27, 2013

wordpressWordPress started out life as a simple piece of software freely available on the internet and specifically designed for blogging sites.

It allowed people to create online diaries that could contain text, images and media files all organized into dated posts. Sites and individual posts could be easily shared and viewers could leave comments back and forth with the owner of the blog.

Posts could also be categorized. WordPress allows an unlimited number of categories and posts can belong to more than one.

It didn’t take long for people to figure out that a post could be more than just an entry in a diary. It could be a piece of furniture, a downloadable software project or an entire church picnic schedule.

In other words, the underlying structure of WordPress was sound and robust enough that it could serve virtually unlimited purposes.

And each time someone created some new or unique function for WordPress Рperhaps a widget displaying the current weather Рthey could package their work into a plugin.

There are over 24 thousand of these plugins now and they continue to multiply. It’s important for several reasons for web developers to understand and use this as a resource.

If I build a website from scratch, I’ll create the design, the pages, the CSS, connect those pages to a database that I’ll create and then tweak and adjust things until it looks good. Now you will probably need some way of changing what’s in that new site. You call me and I start building a second website; the one that allows you to manage the content in your public site. Not only have I just rebuilt a fraction of what’s already in WordPress but you now own a unique piece of my code. If Microsoft upgrades Internet Explorer and some of your site no longer seems to look right, I am probably the person you have to call.

On the other hand, if I use WordPress, I can start out with the underlying structure, database and content management interfaces already built. I can choose from an immense library of website themes and then I can customize from there. It saves a tremendous amount of time and, since many, many minds have gone into the programming of all the code I’m using, it’s infinitely more reliable, secure and bullet proof than any one, single developer could possibly achieve.

On top of that, those 24k+ plugins probably include a completely functioning version of any idea you may ever have for your own site. I specialize in putting that vast resource to work for you quickly and efficiently. I’m Patrick McCormick. Call me at (920) 540-5604