Website Makeover

Posted by on Aug 22, 2013


It surprises me how many people forget that websites need to stay current so they don’t make you look silly.Attorney Rick Meier, from Kewaunee, WI, spent a good deal of time getting his first site completed. Once that was done, he could focus on other things. Or so he thought…

Today, almost a half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.  Attorney Meier’s old site didn’t look right on smart phones & tablets. The entire website was microscopic and using it was next to impossible.

A website makeover not only provided a dramatically new look and feel, but it automatically reformats for smartphones and tablets. Those in the web business call this “responsive design”.  I’m not so sure it requires such a formal title for something so forehead slappingly important.

See for your self:

Before: meier-old

After: meier-new

Take a look at Rick’s live site here.