Full Range Support

I understand computers and the internet and I know how badly they can interfere with your business, unless they’re properly handled. I help resolve issues with your webserver, your email, your hosting and more.

I’ll make computers work for you instead of the other way around.

Building a functioning website requires knowledge and skill. But a good consultant like me knows how to use those skills efficiently and how to take advantage of the vast wealth of freely available software on the internet to accomplish your needs not only for lower cost, but using software that’s backed by large communities of developers.

In other words, we don’t allow my customers to become exclusively dependent on me. That’s unfair and unnecessary in today’s internet world. I’ll build your site so you can easily transport it to any other hosting environment, should you so choose. Then I’ll keep my prices competative and my service top notch, so you never have to.

I’m Patrick McCormick. Give me a call at (920) 540-5604.